Who we are

The 90 Day Accelerator forms part of a broader set of leadership development services offered by Metisblue. Metisblue was founded in 2013 by Laurent Bouvier; his ambition was to create a company that worked with leaders and teams to help them realise their full potential.

Leadership can often be a lonely and challenging place. Metisblue aspires to provide meaningful support that creates the space to reflect, learn and apply that knowledge. Creating positive change both in the world of work but also who we are as people.

Our values


To make the world of work a happier and more engaging place for all.


To support individuals and teams to be more aware of who they are and how they show up in the workplace.


Our culture anchors around the concepts of creating a safe space to learn, grow and have fun doing it.

The 90 Day Accelerator team are real people. Our attention focuses on really listening to the need and bringing positive energy to the process – humans are more open to change when we are fully engaged.

Each client is different, and each assignment requires different conversations. The team can leverage proven track records in the world of work, allowing them to fully understand and connect with the situation and support personal realisation and understand by asking the right questions at the right time.

Meet our team

Laurent Bouvier

Laurent Bouvier

Drawing upon his extensive business and consultancy experience, Laurent helps leaders and businesses achieve bigger and better things. His passion is to help leaders unlock their potential whilst being authentic to who they are.

Nicolle Clement

Nicolle Clement

Nicolle is a trusted leader, utilising her skills as a coach & mentor developing teams, new leaders in management skills, career development, organisational change & how to create a successful team.

Ruth George

Ruth George

A critical thinker who is able to make connections, quickly getting to the nub of the issue – her approach to coaching and mentoring keeps it real, creating change with practical solution.

Jo Desmond

Jo Desmond

Experienced and knowledgeable coach and facilitator who inspires others to unlock and fulfil their potential. She takes a whole-person, outcomes-focused approach bringing energy and positivity.

Zach Robb

With an attention to detail and a love of the client. Zach brings a never ending energy to how we engage with clients, driving alignment and connection.